About platform

The digital platform “Russian-Finnish Cross-Border Cooperation Investment Portal” is a modern tool for quick and  easy access support for investment and business activities in the border areas.

The platform is aimed to support direct interaction  among   main participants of investment and entrepreneurial activi ties (entrepreneurs, business project initiators , investors,  accelerators ,  support institutions,  mentors and business experts), as well as  to  provide convenient services for promoting and searching for new projects and business initiatives.

The Portal database and services  are in the process of formation and testing. A pilot launch of the platform and  separate gadget applications based on the platform is scheduled for 2021.

Common digitalized investment database - one of the element of the Сommon Cross-Border Digital Space presents all necessary data for start-up and developing investment and business activity in cross-border regions, including: economic indicators describing investment potential of involved areas, local constraints and demands, information on Finnish and Russian business and investment support and acceleration national and regional schemes and instruments, applicable regulations and business practices, regional investment opportunities, reputable accelerators, investors, experts, mentors, innovators, entrepreneurial initiatives, data on existing and planned investment projects in Finnish and Russian cross-border territories, aggregator of useful links to news and information resources and much more.

The interactive information map is a common digital Russian-Finnish data model that allows to get the necessary information of the investment potential of the border regions of Russia and Finland in a modern convenient format,includes: transport accessibility of the region; priority areas of development for investment; economic indicators in terms of export / import volumes; special economic zones; techno parks and industrial parks; ongoing investment projects as well as the international investment rating of Russia and Finland

The interactive information map