Cross-Border Cooperation Projects

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  • non-profit Finnish-Russian cross-border cooperation projects, events and project outcomes;
  • search for partners to set up project teams while drafting project applications;
  • invitations to partners and subcontractors to participate in the delivery of approved projects.

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Green InterTraffic ("Применение инновационных решений для повышения экологической безопасности международных автодорожных перевозок в приграничных регионах России и Финляндии")

Green InterTraffic (Enhancing environmental safety of road Intertraffic in the border areas of Russia and Finland applying innovation solutions) 2018 - 2021

The project Green InterTraffic specific objective is to elaborate effective measures for developing environmental and transport safety of the Intertraffic in the border areas of... Read More
Финско-Российские государственно-частные партнерства катализируют новый зеленый бизнес (Cata3Pult)

Finnish Russian public-private – partnerships (PPP) catalyzing new green business (Cata3Pult) 2019 - 2022

Project number in the KS1670. Priority 1 - economics, thematic area - business and SME development. The term is 3 years. Objective of the project The project promotes economic... Read More