₽ 19 600,00
Country: Russia
Category: Heath Care and Pharmacology
by: (SME)

rapid rest (relaxation), recovery
energization (mobilization)
Brain equalizer
helps to quickly tune in and switch between activities
develops creativity
pattern breaking, switching and distracting from stressful thoughts
relieves situational anxiety and depression
self-control improves
the audio accompaniment with the sounds of nature allows you to plunge into the memories of being at the sea, contemplating the fire and waterfall to restore your physical and emotional wellness
vivid light images from kaleidoscopic to your subconscious memories
helps to alleviate the course of psychosomatic disorders (stress disorder with manifestations in the form of increased blood pressure, skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal reactions)
reduces the need to use "everyday" relaxants - alcohol, sedatives
- used as a mind-machine for self-development

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