Railgate Finland

Railgate Finland, located in Kouvola, Finland, features the main railway hub in Northern Europe. Kouvola boasts the largest marshalling yard in Finland as well as excellent location along three key roads. With efficient connections to the biggest ports in Finland, Railgate Finland is also the leading dry harbor in the land.

Railgate Finland offers an alternative for slow sea container transport. The Kouvola-Asia train connection is very competitive compared with Central European routes because it is quicker, effective, and has possibility to operate with longer trains. Also, the track gauge is the same in Finland, Russia, and Kazakhstan, removing the need to reload the containers twice along the way.
In addition to Asia and Europe, the route opens up new opportunities also for the Nordic countries and for products requiring special conditions, seasonal products, and for e.g. timber that suffer from moisture during sea transport. The route is operated by Kouvola Cargo Handling.
There has been a demand for a northern railway connection. Dozens of container trains are already travelling between China and Central Europe each week. Operators estimate that the demand for train routes will tenfold by 2025. The current routes are oversaturated and options are needed.
For more information, please contact Kouvola Innovation:
Ms. Aleksandra Turunen tel. +358 20 615 8140,

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