Kouvola RRT Rail and Road Terminal

EU’s goals to develop railway traffic, require railway yards and loading terminals to be equally available to all operators. The Kouvola RRT project aims to enable this.
An intermodal terminal Kouvola RRT is being built in the Tehola–Kullasvaara area in Kouvola. When completed in 2023, the Kouvola Rail and Road Terminal will be an efficient and competitive terminal area for intermodal transportation. It will respond to the growing requirements of national and international traffic.
A modern intermodal terminal is currently under construction in Kullasvaara in Kouvola. The terminal will operate on an open access principle and allows for handling trains of over one kilometre in length.

Kouvola RRT timelapse video June 2020–April 2021.
The mode of transport can be changed easily based on need. In addition, it will enable the use of new cargo-handling methods using robotics and digitalisation that result in time and cost savings in rail freight transportation.
Kouvola invests EUR 28 million in the rail and road terminal. The RRT terminal will account for approximately 10 % of the city of Kouvola's investments in 2015–2022.

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