Nordic Startup School

World-class accelerator by experienced entrepreneurs and international mentors

Investment info

Invests in Product or prototype | Go to market
Investment range 50–100 000 € | 100–500 000 €
Primary markets Consumer | Companies
Investing in countries Finland | Russia

More about Nordic Startup School

The Nordic Startup School program focuses on Value proposition refinement, early customer experimentation and branding and marketing. Ideally you have early sales, or piloting, and have a MVP at the least. What’s included in the program? Public funding assistance A pain in the ass by all accounts. It takes plenty of time and worries to do this, when you should focus on building your company and generating revenue. Let us help you. Investment up to 100K for the best teams If selected into the program, and based on your performance we will make an initial investment of 30K, followed -up by an investment of 70K. Conditions may apply* Meet 50+ mentors during the program You need all the perspective and advice you can get. Mentors are here to help. 3 Bootcamps Our bread and butter. 2-day intensive online event. Work on a theme for 1 day and full-on mentoring sessions the other.

Priority Investment Industry Branches

Wholesale & Retail
Information Technologies

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