Ongoing investment projects

Reconstruction of facilities at Pulkovo airport

Implementation period: 2010-2040
Investment volume: 50 billion rubles
Pulkovskoe highway, 41

Construction of the transport and logistics center in the port "Bronka"

Implementation period: 2019-2024

Investment volume: 10.6 billion rubles

Krasnoflotskoe highway, 49А, Lomonosov

Development of the territory of the island "New Holland"

Implementation period: 2010-2025

Investment volume: 12.1 billion rubles

Admiral channel emb., 2

Construction of a new building of the City Hospital No. 40 of Kurortny District

Implementation period: 2019-2022

Investment volume: 6.5 billion rubles

Borisova street , 9, Sestroretsk

Construction of the Latitudinal Highway of High-Speed Traffic (SHSD)

Implementation period: 2020-2028
Investment volume: 160 billion rubles
It will connect the WHSD, the Ring Road and the R-21 highway: from the WHSD to Vitebsky Avenue - from Vitebsky Avenue to Soyuzny Avenue - from Soyuzny Avenue to Kommuna Street - from Kommuna Street to the Ring Road

Construction of a network of 25 automobile gas filling compressor stations (CNG filling stations)

Implementation period: 2019-2023
Investment volume: 5 billion rubles

Reconstruction of the sports and concert complex "Petersburg"

Implementation period: 2019-2023
Investment volume: 24-25 billion rubles
Yuri Gagarin Ave., 8

Construction of a complex of buildings for pharmaceutical production "Biocad"

Implementation period: 2017-2025
Investment volume: 28 billion rubles
Podbelskogo highway, Pushkin district

Creation of the satellite city "Yuzhny"

Implementation period: 2011-2030
Investment volume: 176 billion rubles
Pushkin City

Restoration of a historic building for a modern hotel

Implementation period: 2018-2023
Investment volume: 5 billion rubles
Field of Mars, 1

Production of high-molecular polymers and products based on them

Implementation period: 2018-2026
Investment volume: 810 mln. rubles
Novoorlovskaya site, Special Economic Zones of SPb

Construction of apartment hotel

Implementation period: 2016-2025
Investment volume: 10 billion rubles
Ordzhonikidze Street, 44

Construction of a hotel and office center

Implementation period: 2019-2024
Investment volume: 4,2 billion rubles
Ligovskiy pr., 60-62

Construction of a rubber waste recycling plant (1st stage)

Implementation period: 2016-2022
Investment volume: 900 mln rubles
Obukhovo industrial zone

Construction of a Digital network laboratory

Implementation period: 2019-2021
Investment volume: 2,23 billion rubles

Special Economic Zones, Novoorlovskaya site

Construction of elite apartment hotel

Implementation period: 2020-2022
Investment volume: 4 billion rubles
Sestroretsk, 9a Instrumentalshchikov str.

Construction of Yacht Club

Implementation period: 2016-2023
Investment volume: 20 billion rubles
Krestovsky Island