Investment Mentors Training

For your attention the School of Investment Mentors will start in 2021

This learning has been developed by specialists and experts as one of the main result of the project Bringing Together


Accelerator – is an organizational structure (both market and corporate) whose purpose is the organization and professional maintenance of the external flow of project teams for the successful solution of their tasks, with the receipt of remuneration from the budgets of the projects involved.

Acceleration program is a strategy for developing the field of socio-economic development through acceleration of external (preserving the subjectivity of the owner of the acceleration program and accelerator) investment projects. Which will include both acceleration tracks and accelerating events (organization of partners, experts, investors). The program is provided through the effective spending of funds.

The owner of the acceleration program is the organizational structure (subject), which can be implemented as part of the accelerator, which initiates the creation of acceleration programs, verifies its creation, provides funding for the program and implements it in the work of accelerators, ensures its adequacy throughout the life cycle until its completion.

Acceleration track (track) – is a methodology and organizational structure that provides acceleration of homogeneous (according to the development stage and / or subject area) investment projects. A track has the characteristics of a process (algorithmized, verify by time and cost, with uniquely defined roles), within which the tracker provides that the project team achieves the tasks assigned to the track. The mentor is engaged in the development and updating of the track throughout its entire life cycle, by analogy with the process owner from the QMS. In the case when the track cannot be selected for the project (for its stage and subject area), the project is accelerated outside the track based on individual mentoring support.

Mentor - an architect of acceleration algorithms (capable of becoming the owner of acceleration tracks), capable of supporting any investment project individually and creating an acceleration algorithm for a uniform flow of projects within its competencies.

Tracker is the basic role for providing an acceleration of projects, the key goal of the tracker is to provide for the flow of homogeneous projects the solution of tasks within the framework of the tracks organized by the mentor. The basic competence of the tracker depends on the stage and subject of the projects on the acceleration track, but the general requirements for competencies correspond to the practice of professional consulting.

The course is for top executives and leading consultants in the field of innovation


The educational course will give an idea of organizing the tracker and mentor work as part of the acceleration activity, so that the student can organize this work on his own.

The first lesson is about the subject in general. The student will be acquainted with the features of the acceleration activity, the developed approaches and their justifications, problems. In the second lesson, there will be a detailed analysis of the role of the tracker and mentor, equipment, work on the track, key tasks, problems of the tracker and mentor, the results that they should produce at different stages.

And the third lesson is the organization of the workplace of the tracker and mentor within the accelerator.

That is, for three lessons, an idea of the standard, basic skills for working with this standard is given, and target characteristics of the tracker and mentor are given.

The aim of the LEARNING:

  • To gain competencies in the field of building a process model of acceleration, managing the development of innovative startup teams, organizing acceleration tracks, organizing the work of trackers in the project office of the accelerator, implementing the roles of tracker and mentor;
  • To learn how to provide the development of an effective acceleration program; supervision of trackers in the implementation of the acceleration program; promotion of the accelerator and its projects in the business and scientific environment; providing contacts of the accelerator and startups with investors, partners in the field of professional competence; provide guidance to the team of accelerator trackers; provide a personal development of accelerator project leaders (through mentoring, mentoring, various developmental actions and practices);
  • To give maximally an idea on the organization of the mentor\s work in the framework of acceleration activity, so that you can organize this work on your own

Educational course consists of the three lessons which are presented by video lectures and training materials. Each lessons offers video lectures, training materials and materials for self-study. At the end of the lesson, complete a small task or answer questions to consolidate the material covered.

A positive test result is more than 50% of the correct answers for each lesson.

Students who successfully complete the training receive the Certificate.


Why is acceleration so important? Key features of the mentor’s work.


Development stages of the innovative startup team (1i - 2d - 3h) and the main crises during the development of the project (the problem of the inadequacy of the team for the content and stage of the innovation project);
Organization of the acceleration track (a combination of acceleration and project management) - a tracker, as the technologization of the mentoring function for an innovation project (integration of professional consultants into the track);
Detailed analysis of the track for projects at the "Early Presowing" stage.


Analysis of statistics on the causes of failure of startups in Russia with examples of their early diagnostics at the stages of innovation projects. Critical mistakes in accelerating innovation projects (with examples from completed practical tasks) and how to minimize them using the methods of the IPE Laboratory. Profile of the position of the tracker and the role of the mentor as a supervisor of trackers. The mentor is the owner of the acceleration processes of innovation startups. Acceleration organizational model using the Bringing Together digital acceleration platform.

Школа менторов начнет работу в 2021 г.