Project partners presented the Prototype of the Russian-Finnish Digital Investment Platform to Russian experts

On December 16, within the framework of the Bringing Together project, the online Workshop "Russian-Finnish Digital Investment Platform" was held, which was attended by project partners, Russian experts, representatives of accelerators and business associations.

Project Leader, vice-president of the SPbCCI Ludmila Karelina spoke about the project and its main aim, as well as presented the project partners.

Mikhail Kosoy, Mikhail Orlovsky and Oksana Khachaturian, representatives of IPE LAB Ltd., presented the concept of the Investment Platform and demonstrated its prototype.

During the presentation, the participants of the Workshop have been known with the architecture of the portal, the scoring system for evaluating projects, the scheme for forming of SME consortium, and other aspects. The Platform will become an integrator of the best solutions and will combine such elements as "Project Showcase", "Project Information board", "Funnel of project applications evaluation", "Investment Database of border regions", etc.

Olga Samovarova (Group of companies SPG), Tatyana Loginova (LLC “Plastic processing plant named after Komsomolskaya Pravda”), Natalia Chereyskaya (RGMD), Pavel Borovkov (Partners & Borovkov), Boris Krylov (Ecology Partnership Association), Evgeny Gorin (The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of St. Petersburg) and other experts gave recommendations and made a number of proposals for the development of the Platform. So, they advised to pay great attention to the development of communication between users of the Platform; solve problems related to team building; work out a single methodology; prepare simple and understandable marketing materials for the target audience.

At the end of the event, the problems identified by Finnish experts following the results of the Workshop held on October 29 were presented. Similarities and differences in the opinions of experts from the Finnish and Russian sides were discussed. The participants of the Workshop agreed to continue cooperation and discuss further steps for the development of the Platform during the next meetings.

The presentation presented at the Workshop  is available at the link: .

17 December 2020