Project partners discussed of the key issues related to the development of the Digital Investment Platform with Finnish experts

On October 29, within the framework of the Bringing Together project, the online Workshop for Finnish representatives of the project's target groups, dedicated to the development of the Russian-Finnish Digital Investment Platform was held. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Urho Blom, CEO of Eurofacts Oy. The event brought together project partners and invited experts, Ms. Sini Toivinen, a new Shift Business Festival Director; Mr. Asko Jaakkola, who has coordinated economic cooperation, including international issues, in the South-East Finland representing Finnish Economic Development, Transport and the Environment Regional Centre (so called ELY centre) in Kouvola; Mr. Sergey Troshkov, who has high experience in Finnish-Russian economic cooperation and cross-border projects working for the city of Kotka, and Mr. Alexey Novitsky, has high practical experience in top management of big Finnish companies working in and with Russian projects (like Pӧyry and Gasum) and is currently advising Finnish and EU companies in strategic management and investment issues.

Project researcher and Director of the Methodology Department of IPE LAB Ltd. Dr. Mikhail Kosoy made a presentation on creating the Common Digital Investment Space. He highlighted such aspects as the logic of creating a digital space, holding a project competition, and selection stages. The prototype of the Common digitalized investment database was also presented to the participants.

Mr. Mihail Kurvinen, project researcher responsible for analytical work at Eurofacts Oy, presented a brief overview on Finnish based on-line business platforms, their users and services.

The project partners discussed with experts the real interests of Finnish target groups in cross-border cooperation with St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the forms of their involvement that can be used within the framework of the Platform, and a number of other issues. Experts agreed that the Platform should be dynamic, constantly developing, and not have the character of static information. Users of the Platform should be involved in interactive interaction as much as possible.

Experts highly appreciated the idea of creating the Platform and the work done. The participants agreed to continue their cooperation and discuss additional issues related to the development of the Platform in future meetings.

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30 October 2020