The Bringing Together project was presented at the Invest in the Future – event

On November 10, the Invest in the Future – event was held in Kouvola, organized by the University of Applied Sciences XAMK, Kinno, Cursor together with other organizations. The event was attended by investors, business organizations, growth-minded companies and development and training institutions. The main topics were changes in corporate finance and the future of business operations, growth company stories and current tips on corporate finance from professionals. Olga Oksanen, researcher of the Bringing Together project, took part in the event. A roll-up of the project was also presented at the Kouvola Innovation stand.

Olga Oksanen held negotiations with the organizers of the Ship Startup Festival Laura Häkkinen and Henrik Dombovari, told about the project and invited the organizers of the festival to register on the Digital platform. The invitation was gladly accepted, and the parties agreed that the festival would register on the platform after receiving instructions. Meetings were held with other companies and organizations that could also become potential participants of the platform.

18 November 2021