The Training of the Investment Mentors School pilot group has been launched

On November 15, the online Start Training Session for the participants of the Investment Mentors School pilot group was held. The pilot group included representatives of Russian Railways and GenerationS Accelerators, the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers, the Fund for the development small and medium-sized businesses in Saint-Petersburg and other organizations.

Ludmila Karelina, Project Leader, vice-president of the SPbCCI, welcomed the participants of the training, introduced the project partners and made a brief presentation of the Bringing Together platform and the Investment Mentors School. The main sections of the training course, issues related to access to training and its successful completion were presented. At the end of the session, Ludmila Karelina answered the questions of the participants and wished everyone success in their studies.

During the month, the participants of the pilot group will study the educational materials of the Investment Mentors School. On December 15, there will be final training session with lecturers, authors of the course. The training will end with the passing of tests and, in case of successful completion, receiving certificates of completion of the course "Management and acceleration of investment projects in the border regions of Russia and Finland."

16 November 2021