CBC Digital Platform and Investment Mentors School were presented to the Entrepreneurial Council of the Finnish Advisory Group

On November 10, a meeting was held in Helsinki between Mr. Urho Blom, CEO of Eurofacts Oy, and representatives of Finnish companies that are members of the Entrepreneurial Council of the Finnish Advisory Group. Mr. Anton Loginov, Russia's Trade Representative in Finland, also took part in the meeting with the companies.

Mr. Urho Blom presented to the participants the CBC Digital platform and the Investment Mentors School developed within the framework of the Bringing Together project. The participants expressed interest and asked to send materials and additional information.

The Entrepreneurial Council is a private project of business owners, which will be implemented in cooperation with the Administration of St. Petersburg and various organizations that support small and medium-sized businesses. Eurofacts Oy is the project coordinator in Finland.

The most important task of the Entrepreneurial Council is to improve the working conditions of Finnish enterprises in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg and the North-West. It could also open the way for Russian companies to enter the market of Finland and the European Union*

* Prepared using the website information

10 November 2021